Journalism is the act of gathering information and presenting it through various media channels. Researching news stories, interviewing subjects, gathering data and presenting the findings are the basis of journalism. The word journalism was originally only applied to print media, but has since grown to encompass both print and digital media. This information may be presented in a multitude of different ways: television broadcasting, print media such as newspapers or magazines, research databases and on websites. Journalism is essential not only as a documentation of history for future generations, but to present an unbiased look at current events. The closer a society is to democracy, more information and news is available to the people. An absence of journalism keeps society in the dark, and enables totalitarian governments to manipulate the populace. Journalism provides us with ways in which we can make informed decisions about our neighbors, our communities, our government and ultimately, the world. It is an essential element in how we communicate with one another.

The goal of journalism is to search for the truth. Facts are gathered and checked in the research stage, and then compiled into a format that is verifiable. The audience of the piece is what should be kept in the forefront of every journalist’s mind. The public is more important than preconceived notions a journalist may have about a topic, and it is especially essential this day in age to present unbiased media in a time where corporate interests pay to put their spin on news media. A journalist is responsible for presenting information that is free of gossip, rumors and propaganda. Journalistic integrity is vital, and there is a delicate balance between this dedication to remaining objective and independent and holding strong personal standards.

We live in the information age and individuals on the web are constantly searching for reliable resources for their own personal interest, and also to further their own understanding of what is going on in the world. While we have shifted from the popularity of print media to digital media, journalism is still important today. It is the only way that we can gather information on a global scale to share with one another. Blogging and social media have strengthened this need for reputable journalism. Virtually anyone can publish information on the web, and it has become increasingly difficult to determine which resources are trustworthy. Journalists fill in that gap with their credibility and reputation by presenting an objective view of their chosen subject.

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