Journalism and Media Channels

Journalism is no longer limited to news media and traditional broadcasting. In our modern era, journalists turn to documentary films, websites and even social media to present their message to the world. It is now easier to publish news stories without answering to a publication, by forging your own path and creating your own website to distribute information. Mainstream print media is considered traditional, and while you will reach a larger audience, your voice may be more suited towards smaller, independent publications. Print media and newspaper editors have the final say, and your piece could be significantly altered before it is presented to the public, while self-publishing ensures that the original text remains intact. Journalists seek out freelance work through magazines, which can be favorable supplemental income, which serves to promote said journalist’s name. Established journalists commonly write guest articles in magazines, while some journalists aspire to be on the payroll of a large, established magazine that has an established reputation.

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