Online Journalism

Online magazines have opened up a world of possibilities for aspiring journalists. Readers around the world have the ability to repost news stories on social media, and some online magazines that were originally print magazines still follow the traditional subscription model. Online magazines have had to reformat the ways in which they present stories to accommodate E-Readers and smartphones, while trying to maintain paid subscriptions. News stories have become more concise as we shift to the preference for digital media, and every citizen now has the opportunity to present a journalistic story without any kind of training or background in journalism. Blogs and social media have become a venue for these types of news stories, with the general public now having the ability to record video on their smartphones, write their own articles and publish them. This paradigm shift offers the audience more options for sources of media, and is essential in a functioning democracy. Mainstream media sources have noticeably been affected by this change, as the public now has the choice of where they may find their news.

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